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About this project

As Assistant Organizer of ngAtlanta conference, I created the digital marketing assets to promote speakers, promotions, and events.

ngAtlanta was a technical conference focused on Diversity, Inclusion, and Angular.

The challenge

ngAtlanta 2018 was a first-time event.  We needed to build brand awareness, promote the conference, and increase ticket sales.

Marketing Assets

Twitter was our main channel for promotions. I created engaging social media marketing assets to communicate with our growing audience on Twitter and Instagram. 

Speaker Announcements

To promote the diversity of the speaker lineup and to encourage ticket sales, I created assets with the speakers and the title of their session or workshop.

Event Promotion

I created social media assets for special conference events like this one, a happy hour hosted by the conference's community partners, including local meetup groups. 

Ticket Promotions

To drive an increase in ticket sales, I created assets for the occasional ticket sale such as this one for a New Year's sale. 


In the first year of ngAtlanta, we had approximately 250 attendees, enough to move forward with ngAtlanta 2019.

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