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About this project

ng-conf is a 3-day conference centered around Angular (a Javascript framework). 1500+ developers from across the globe converge on Salt Lake City, UT every year to attend talks and workshops.

The challenge

Create a 2-minute video (with an 80's theme) highlighting the worldwide Angular community to kick-off ng-Conf 2018. Must incorporate conference theme of 80’s, highlight angular events around the globe by zooming into the country/state/city, and images from select events, list of angular events in the last year, news and highlights of angular in the last year.

My process

Network engagement

I sent posted on social media to request images and videos from Angular events from my personal network of angular speakers and from the larger tech community. I also reached to event organizers in various Angular slack communities to contribute to my list of Angular events that occurred in 2017 and 2018.  


Next, I searched for articles, blog posts, and conference talks for updates, news, and surveys about Angular in the last year.  


I created a storyboard to sketch out how I wanted the video to tell the story of Angular over the last year. This storyboard helped to visualize the video, shot-for-shot. 


Gathering assets

After deciding how I wanted to layout the video in the storyboard, I went through the images and videos I collected to select the most compelling images and ones that would best tell the story.

I sorted through a list of 80's songs and 80's inspired graphics that I could acquire the rights to and would capture the playful mood of the events.

Creating the video

Using the video tool, Camtasia, I created the 2-minute video, incorporating Google Maps, the music, and the images I collected.


I sent the video to the shareholders for feedback and performed a couple of iterations before settling on the final version.

My solution

I created a 2-minute video that shared the highlights of Angular for the previous and current year while incorporating the conference's 80's theme. 


This video was played before the opening keynote at ng-conf 2018 in front of 1500+ attendees.  The conference organizers were pleased with the end results and asked me back the following year to work on a video project.

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