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About this project

As a UX designer, I collaborated with the primary stakeholder and developers to define requirements for, and create an interactive prototype for the development team to use to create a desktop application. 


This application is a course management tool for online technology boot camps to track their instructors, students, classes, and course curriculum. 

• Primary audience: program managers, instructors, and students

• Secondary audience: school administrators

The challenge

As the demand for technology boot camps and other training programs grow they need a tool to help track and manage their programs, classes, instructors, students, and course curriculum.

How I gathered user insights


First, to understand the user’s experience, I interviewed program managers, instructors, and students at a local tech boot camp to understand user needs and motivations. 


Next, I performed a competitive analysis on other course management platforms like Moodle, Learnworlds, and Coursera to get a better understanding of the features they offered and identify which one had a competitive edge.

User flows

As part of the brainstorming session, I create user flows to map out the user’s journey. I collaborated with developers in this process in order to accommodate any engineering constraints. 

User wants to create a new course.


Ideation: how I came up with a solution

I started to sketch out solutions on paper to iterate through design options to validate my solutions and receive feedback from the stakeholder. I used these sketches for concept testing.





The dashboard for the program managers (admins) has a search box and allows for them to see a list of current student prospects, active instructors, scheduled courses, and the recent activity of other admins and instructors. 



Creating a new course

Admins can set the attributes for a new course. 



The new course has been created with a course number. 


The internal stakeholder was very happy with the final design for the admin dashboard however the project was put on hold before I could start working on the instructor and student dashboards. 


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