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About this project

As Creative Director of REFACTR.TECH conference, I lead the strategic planning, sales strategies, branding, digital marketing, and website design efforts.


REFACTR.TECH is an annual conference about growing and showcasing powerful voices of marginalized people and allies in tech. For three days, REFACTR.TECH focuses on technology while creating a safe space or thoughtful and nuanced conversations around diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality in tech for over 450 attendees.


Logo Design

Full logo

In the full version of the logo, I included the conference's tagline "Diversity. Inclusion. Tech."

After establishing our organizational mission and vision, we discussed our target audience, brand identity, and inspiration. We wanted a simple design that incorporated our tagline "Diversity. Inclusion. Tech" but really drove home that this conference was in fact a technology conference. We also wanted to use a bright color that differentiates us from other technology conferences.

Partial logo

I created a shorter version of the logo that can be used for social media and conference laptop stickers. 


I  designed a website to match our branding and would be easy to update as we made changes to our speaker and sponsor lineup.  We change the theme for the conference every year so I wanted to make it easy to change the look and feel of the website to match the new theme without having to make too many changes to the website. I did this by only changing the hero image on the homepage but leaving the rest of the website the same. 

2019 theme

The conference theme for 2019 was "Welcome to Atlanta."  I created a hero that included the Atlanta skyline and incorporated the bright colors of our brand. 

2020 theme

The theme for 2020 is "90's.' I worked with another designer (who created to the background) to create a hero with a 90's look and feel. 


I worked to create a line of merchandise we could sell prior to our first conference to introduce people to our brand with the proceeds going to our opportunity grant fund.  Our tagline is on the front of our clothing, and our logo is on the back. 

Sponsorship Prospectus

One of our organizational values is to keep the price of our conference tickets low and accessible to everyone.  One way we are able to do that is with corporate sponsorships.  I designed a sponsorship prospectus that would keep a prospective sponsor's attention with not only bright colors and impactful images, but by making relevant information (speaker and attendee demographics and sponsorship packages) easy to find. 

Business cards

When we attend events, our goal is to find prospective sponsors and partners. I wanted our business cards to represent our brand and be memorable for people who collect hundreds of business cards at a single event. Our business cards include our brand colors and our tagline "Diversty. Inclusion. Tech." to assist people in remembering our event's mission. 


Promotional postcard

I created a postcard we could include in the attendee swag bags at our partners'  conferences.  The postcard includes images of our featured speakers to highlight the diversity of our event, a short description of our conference, and a promotional discount code. 

Speaker announcements

I created cards that can be used for social media and newsletters to promote our speakers. Each card includes a photo of the speaker, talk title, job title, company, as well as our logo and conference date.  I create a new design every year to incorporate our conference theme. 

The speaker card for our 2019 conference was inspired by our "Welcome to Atlanta" theme. It included the Atlanta skyline and the bright colors consistent with our brand. This speaker card was used for Twitter and Linkedin posts, newsletters, and provided to our speakers to promote their talk on their own social media. 

The speaker card was used for promotion on Instagram. 

The speaker card for our 2020 conference was inspired by our 90's theme. It included fonts and a background consistent with the '90s for use on Twitter, Linkedin and newsletters. 

The speaker card was used for promotion on Instagram.

Promotional graphics

I created graphics to use to promote sales, special events, and announcements on social media and newsletters. 

The goal of this graphic was to promote a special flash sale we did on May 4th, using the popularity of that day on social media. This graphic was created for use on Twitter, Linkedin, and our newsletter. 

This graphic was used for promotion on Instagram. 

The graphic was created to promote a special live viewing of the movie "The Matrix." The design incorporated our 2020 90's theme and was used on Twitter, Linkedin, and our newsletter. 

This graphic was used to promote this event on Instagram. 

I designed this graphic for our community partners, various meetup groups and organizations who promote our conference to their members and in-turn receive a discount code for the conference. This graphic was inspired by our 2020 90's theme and included several of our featured speakers, highlighting the diversity of our event. This graphic was used for a postcard handed out at our partners' conference and on Twitter, Linkedin, and our newsletters. 

I created this graphic for our 2019 conference to promote our sponsored conference happy hour. This graphic was used on Twitter, Linkedin, our newsletter, and in our conference attendee slack group. 

I created this graphic for our 2019 conference to promote our sponsored after party on the final day of our event. This graphic was used on Instagram.


In the first year of the conference, we had over 480 attendees. For our second year (2020) we had multiple returning sponsors and many new sponsors join due to the success of our first year.

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